Pump protection device against "dry running" UZND

Pump protection device against “dry running” UZND

The device is intended for completing centrifugal pumps of the HTSM type with a flow path made of polypropylene. Provides automatic shutdown of the pump motor at dry running (without pumped liquid), preserving the service life of the HCM pump.


The pump protection device with a pressure sensor (UZND) is applied to electric pump units of the brands XCM 1/10, XCM 3/25 M, HCM 6/30 M, HCM 9/25 M, HCM 12/25 M, HCM 20/25 M.

Principle of operation

When the pressure (pressure) of the pumped liquid decreases, the pressure threshold indicator detects the absence of liquid and, interacting with the switching unit, turns off the electric motor of the electric pump unit.