Filter for pumps CCM M

Designed for completing centrifugal pumps of the HTSM type. Provide cleaning from mechanical impurities of the following aggressive and neutral liquids: water; aqueous solution of technical detergents; solutions of alkalis and acids that do not have a destructive effect on the materials of the flow path of the pump.


During operation, pumps are exposed to mechanical impurities in the pumped liquid. This leads to the destruction of the casing, the pump impeller, sometimes to the jamming of the drive and the combustion of the engine. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to install a filter on the suction line to prevent mechanical impurities from entering the pump. Filtration of solid particles from the liquid pumped by the pump prolongs the life of the pump.

Design features and benefits

A filter for a chemical pump type HTSM consists of a housing, a filter element, a cover, an O-ring. The material of the flow path is made of plastic; the filter element is made of polypropylene.